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Customer Do's

  • Ask questions about what we are doing

  • Tell us your concerns

  • Let us know where utilities, well heads, and septic systems can be found on the property

  • If you have to leave, let us know

  • Watch us work from inside your home

  • We will accept compliments!

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Customer safety is important to us

Watching us work can be interesting and exciting - but most importantly, it can be very dangerous. We have some guidelines below for our customers to ensure their safety as well as the safety of the crew.

The best time to get someone's attention is when equipment is idle - do not yell at the crew, as that can distract them from dangerous work!


Customer Don'ts

Keeping everyone safe on the job site is our number 1 priority!


  • Do not approach us while equipment is running

  • Do not walk into an active work zone

  • Do not use any of our equipment at any time

  • Do not yell to get someone's attention - wait until the equipment is idle

  • Do not let pets or children into the yard without letting us know

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