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Mulch Mulch product

Benefits of mulching

  • Lessens water loss from soil

  • Minimizes weed competition

  • The organic matter improves the soil structure

    •   Maintains the temperature of the soil

  • Adds beauty to your property's exterior

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Keep your trees and plants healthy

Applying mulch to certain areas of your property can improve the overall aesthetic appeal, but over mulching can cause serious issues with your trees including rot, cankers, insects, and disease. Check with our professionals before starting even a small job yourself! Maximum Tree Service delivers mulch to customers in wholesale bulk loads.

Maximum Tree Service LLC has been family owned and operated since 1989. You can trust in our skills and abilities!

How to apply mulch

Need a mulch delivery? Call us today. We can supply the bulk mulch loads you are looking for.

  • Mulch should be spread in a 2 to 4 inch layer

  • When adding mulch around trees, make sure the root flares and stem are not covered or over-mulched - this can deteriorate your tree health

  • If applying mulch over existing mulch, make sure the total depth does not exceed 4 inches or else you may need to remove the old mulch before applying the new load

*Maximum Tree Service only delivers mulch to customers in wholesale bulk deliveries. We do not perform mulching services other than delivery.


We deliver mulch at whole sale prices